90th anniversary of the Kinder Scout Trespass, Kinder in Colour and decolonising the countryside

Welcome back to On The Outside! We're returnig with an in-depth chat about all things Kinder Scout Trespass. Last month was the 90th anniversary of a mass trespass across Kinder Scout in the Peak District, a moment that is credited with helping to create our National Parks, and rights of way access in the UK.

Francesca is joined by Frit Tam, Ani Patas and Vedangi Kulkarni to talk about who took part in the original Kinder Scout Trespass, and why is happened. Plus, what happened at the commemorative Kinder In Colour event this year, our thoughts on events with large numbers of people in the countryside, and what do we mean by "decolonise the countryside"?

Find out more about the panel:

Ani Patas is an outdoor enthusiast who is chronically ill and disabled. She is also the founder of the blog Outside Our Way, hosted by All the Elements. @ani_went_outside

Frit Tam is an adventure film maker. He runs a film studio called Passion Fruit Pictures, whose sole mission is to add colour and diversity to the outdoors and adventure industry through filmmaking. @frit_tam

Vedangi Kulkarni is an adventure traveller, endurance athlete, writer and expedition manager. I run a business called the Adventure Shared through which I helped plan and manage expeditions and adventures. @wheelsandwords



Learn about the Kinder Scout Trespass (links below) and think about what it means for our rights now

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Speak to your friends from abroad about what they learned about British colonialism

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Kinder Scout Mass Trespass

The Manchester Rambler (Song) by Ewan MacColl

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Kinder In Colour

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Decolonising the countryside

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Petticoats and Pinnacles

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CREDITS for the episode:

The panel was Ani Patas, Frit Tam and Vedangi Kulkarni

Produced and hosted by Francesca Turauskis

Edited by Jack O'Driscoll

Artwork by Sophie Nolan

Music is Bassbeat by Alex Norton

Social Media by Frankie Dewar