Afghanistan’s outdoors connections, gender disparity in mountain sports, and uptake in outdoors use

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Francesca Turauskis is joined by Outside: Our Way creator Ani Patas, Founder of Our Shared Outdoors Kirsty Pallas and endurance cyclist and creator of The Adventure Shed Vedangi Kulkarni.

Topics covered include Afghanistan’s outdoors connections and how we can support as a community; gender disparity in mountain sports and initiatives to help; reactions to big numbers of people enjoying the outdoors, and path erosion.



NEWS: Outdoor Organisations in Afghanistan - How You Can Help

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The panel today was Ani Patas, Kirsty Pallas, and Vedangi Kulkarni

Produced by Francesca Turauskis

Editing and Transcript by Jack O’Driscoll

Artwork by Sophie Nolan

Music is Bassbeat by Alex Norton

Social Media by Frankie Dewar

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