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AS WE REST: Ethical Tourism from THIIIRD Waves

On The Outside is taking a rest, but we're excited to share an episode from another podcast that we think you’ll like!

THIIIRD Waves is one of the outputs of THIIIRD magazine, a platform that amplifies marginalised voices through print, events, and on the airwaves with their podcast. The show explores the intersections of culture and activism, and brings their listeners interviews and discussions with guests who have knowledge and lived experiences on the topic they talk about.

This episode was first released in July 2020, and Hosts Daniela, Rhona and Tryb explore things like how communities are affected by tourism and what a more conscious approach to travelling might look like, with stops at Mount Everest, Venice Island and more. Then Daniella speaks to Tom Selwyn who is professorial research associate at the department of anthropology and sociology at the London Middle East Institute. He is widely published in the field of anthropology of tourism and pilgrimage. He also founded the MA in The Anthropolgy of Tourism, Travel and Pilgrimage at SOAS in 2010.


Rhona Ezuma, Editor in Chief - @roena

Daniela Hornzkov Sun, Producer - @dhsun

Trybe, Music Editor - @trybe_official


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