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BONUS: Talking pregnancy with Keri Wallace from Girls on Hills

We have a bonus episode for you! This follows on from our last episode on climbing whilst pregnant. If you've listened to Episode 12 you heard some of the conversation I had with Keri Wallace.

Keri is a fell runner, skyrunner, rock climber and writer, and she is also one of the Founders of Girls On Hills, and she talked to Fran about her experience of climbing but wasn't able to join us for the main podcast recording. This is the full conversation Fran had with Keri. Whether you are a pregnancy expert or a pregnancy novice, this conversation really expands on what you heard in the main episode, and it was a really interesting chat.


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Congratulations to Shauna and her partner Ned - Frankie Feehally was born a few weeks ago!

CREDITS for the episode:

Produced, edited and hosted by Francesca Turauskis

Transcript by Jack O'Driscoll

Artwork by Sophie Nolan

Music is Bassbeat by Alex Norton

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