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Celebrating The Everyday Adventure Podcast - Preet Chandi, Pammy Johal and Keri Wallace w/Nicki Bass

Another Tremula Network show, The Everyday Adventure Podcast hosted by Nicki Bass, has been shortlisted in the Wilderness Category of the Sports Podcast Awards 2023. Out of twelve podcasts shortlisted in this category, The Everyday Adventure podcast is one of only three podcasts with a women hosting/co-hosting shortlisted in the Wilderness category, one of only three UK-based shows, and it is the only show that mentions diversity and inclusivity in its description or 'why they should win' section. This goes to show the unbalance of podcasts in the outdoors and wilderness category. This is why representation and inclusivity are a core value of the Tremula Network. We are passionate about opening up the outdoors to communities who are under-represented in this space and the podcast will continue to elevate stories from individuals and organisations who seek to overcome these barriers and change perceptions of what is possible.

In this episode you'll hear snippets from the three incredible women whose clips Nicki used for the entry:

Keri Wallace from Girls On Hills, Pammy Johal of Backbone CIC and Antarctic explorer and record-maker Preet Chandi. Voting for the Sports Podcast Awards is open and the winning podcast will be selected by popular vote. If you have a spare 5 minutes, we would be incredibly grateful!


Anyone and everyone can cast a vote BUT you have to be logged in to vote – this means you need to create an account :( Thank you!


Tell us what you thought of this episode! You can email you can send a DM on Instagram or Twitter @OnTheOutsidePod, and you can send a voicenote or message via Whatsapp to 07883905336. You can join the crew on Patreon to support the show financially. Current money from Patreon is offered to the panellists for their time and expertise. Visit Sign up to the newsletter to keep up to date with outdoors news between episodes via


The Everyday Adventure Podcast is hosted and produced by Nicki Bass and edited by Francesca Turauskis.

On The Outside is produced, hosted and edited by Francesca Turauskis. Podcast art by Sophie Nolan. Music is Bassbeat by Alex Norton. On The Outside is part of the Tremula Network.

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