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E31 TRANSCRIPT: Outdoor news round-up, 5th August, 2023

Updated: Sep 5

Please note this is currently an auto transcript and as such some spellings and words may be inaccurate.

IDENT FRAN: This podcast is part of the Tremula Network, adventure and outdoor podcasts off the beaten track. To find out more, head to or find us on socials.

[MUSIC starts - ON THE OUTSIDE theme - Bassbeat by Alex Norton: "Funky and upbeat, jangling guitars, a fat bassline and a full horn section create the perfect soundtrack to a late summer block party."]

IDENT: This podcast is part of the Tremula Network, adventure and outdoor podcasts off the beaten track.

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[MUSIC starts - ON THE OUTSIDE theme - Bassbeat by Alex Norton: "Funky and upbeat, jangling guitars, a fat bassline and a full horn section create the perfect soundtrack to a late summer block party."]

Hello and welcome to On The Outside, the podcast sharing diverse views on what’s happening outdoors. I’m Francesca Turauskis, and this is an outdoor news roundup for 5th August, 2023.


The 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships is taking place in Scotland at the moment. The Cycling World Championships is the biggest cycling event in history, and thousands of athletes will compete across a wide variety of cycling disciplines, in what the UCI website describes as the ultimate tests of talent, tenacity and toughness.

There will be 11 days of cycling action in Glasgow and across Scotland, with 13 different events.

They are BMX Freestyle Flatland, BMX Freestyle Park, BMX Racing, a road racing Gran Fondo, Mountain Bike cross country, Mountain bike cross country marathon, Downhill racing, para-cycling road and track, road racing, trials and also Artistic Cycling and Cycle-ball, which I did not even know were a thing.

Alongside the sporting events, there is a programme of music and family entertainment planned in Glasgow and across Scotland to engage more people in cycling.


You can watch Cycling World Championship coverage on the BBC iPlayer, and if you want to follow a few instagram accounts on the ground, I will personally be following aoife_glass from the Spindrift Podcast, and Aneela McKenna mrsgowherescotland and of course, let me know if you are there or following anyone in particular.


In more cycling news, a report has been released that highlights How Climate Change Threatens Cycling as We Know It. Downhill From Here comes from our friends at Protect Our Winters, and includes first hand accounts from high profile athletes and industry insiders such as Manon Carpenter, and Mark Beaumont. THe report has found climate change is profoundly impacting outdoor recreation, and cycling is affected in 3 key areas:

Threats to access due to increasingly intense and frequent extreme weather

Threats to riders' health and safety

Threats to experience and events.

The report was posted on August 3rd to coincide with the Cycling World Championships, and has been picked up by places such as BBC News.


Butterfly Conservation’s yearly butterfly count in July has recorded a four-fold increase in sightings of the red admiral. The Big Butterfly Count is a citizen science survey that is run every year, and this year’s survey saw more than 175,000 red admirals compared to the same period last year.

Butterfly Conservation said "there can be no doubt climate change is the driver" behind the increase.

The red admiral is a common sight in British and Irish gardens with its distinctive dark brown body, red stripes and white patches, but is actually a migrant species from continental Europe and North Africa. It usually migrates north to the UK each year to lay eggs but experts say that more are staying in the south of England over the winter months, rather than migrating further south.


South Asian heritage month runs from 18 July until 17 august, SAHM seeks to commemorate, mark and celebrate South Asian cultures, histories, and communities, particularly within the UK.

The month begins on 18th July, the date that the Indian Independence Act 1947 gained royal assent from King George VI.

This year’s theme is Stories To Tell, and an example is Naveed from Boots and Beards who wrote an article for the National Lottery Heritage fund on his work helping people in Glasgow access Scotland’s outdoors. IN the article he said “This month is also a time to be generous in sharing my Scottish-Pakistani culture with others and be open to learning new things myself.”

If you are of South Asian heritage and would like to share your story, South Asian Heritage months are encouraging people from the outdoors space to get in touch with them. You can tag the on socials (@southasianheritagemonth_uk on IG and TikTok and also Twitter r andLinkedIn) and use the hashtag #storiestotell


Surfers Against Sewage launched their 2023 Brand Audit on Saturday 22 July.

The Brand Audit report is a yearly publication analysing data collected by volunteers during the Surfers Against Sewage Million Mile Cleans – which see communities from across the UK come together to clean up coastlines, canal paths, bridleways and city streets over a period of 12 months. This year over 4,000 volunteers took part in 499 cleans

Last year, the Brand Audit report revealed the ‘Dirty Dozen’ companies responsible for over two thirds (70%) of branded pollution collected in the UK. Coca-Cola topped the list for the fourth year running, despite initiatives by the company to reduce plastic pollution. McDonald’s and PepsiCo took second and third place.

To highlight the plastic problem, Surfers Against Sewage used the launch to do a “Swimming in Plastic” stunt, where they filled a pool with plastic bottles that were otherwise headed to waste, but were collected and cleaned by volunteers before swimmers attempted to swim through the plastic.


Asian Climbing Crew are hosting their first ever film screening on Sunday, 13th August, in London. The group will run an afternoon bouldering social, followed by dinner which will catered by a local family run restaurant, then a film screening of two films by one of our previous panellists Frit Tam, followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker himself.

Tickets are £18.50, which include climbing, film + Q&A, dinner and a drink. Non-dining tickets are available for £8.50. Pre-purchase of tickets are required for entry.

There are funded spaces for low-income climbers. Find out more via @ asianclimbingcrew

On Instagram.


Join The Black Tri Tribe for a triathlon experience in London on 10th September. The group’s main aim is to get black and brown people into the sport of triathlon, and people of Colour from Black and Minority Ethnic Communities or all levels are welcome. The route is going through the heart of Hampton Court in South London, and includes a flat course. The group embraces unity, resilience, and camaraderie in conquering the swim, bike, and run challenges, and you are permitted to partake in modest clothing and swim with any head garment of your choice.To find out more head to their instagram account @ blacktritribe


Big News from Black Girls Hike as the group has earned the licence from The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE) charity to deliver the prestigious award to young people in Greater Manchester!

This will empower young Black participants to uncover new talents, develop lifelong skills, and build resilience and self-belief while working towards their DofE Award.

Join them on Saturday, September 23rd at Platt Fields Market Garden, Manchester to celebrate celebrate the launch of the DofE with a Nature Festival. The event includes inspiring talks, fun activities & crafts.

For more info about registering for the DofE go through Black Girls Hike directly.


And finally…

Eleven ordinary people from the UK will face the ultimate test of survival, when they are dropped, completely ALONE, into the remote wilderness of north-west Canada. Each person must fend for themselves and survive for as long as possible, equipped with only a handful of basic tools, whilst filming their own adventure. The rules are simple but uncompromising: the last person standing wins £100,000.

This is the launch of the new televison series of Alone on Channel Four. Alone is now in its tenth series on the History Channel in the USA, and is a hit in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, globally on Netflix. This is the first time the format has come to the UK. The series starts on Channel 4 tomorrow, 6th August, at 9pm.


Those are the stories for this episode, the links to everything I mentioned today and more, are in our newsletter which goes out with every minisode. If you’re not currently getting that newsletter, you can sign-up at


The episode of On The Outside is Produced, Written and Hosted by Francesca Turauskis

On The Outside artwork is created by Sophie Nolan.

Music is Bass Beats by Alex Norton.

On The Outside is part of the Tremula Network, adventure and outdoor podcast off the beaten track. To find out more, head to

And YOU have been our listener. Thank you very much for listening.


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