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Epic adventure challenges, BBQ bans and Keswick Mountain Festival

15th September 2021

It has been too long! With a slightly longer gap between emails, this letter contains lots of news - both personal achievements from our panellists, big events and a few catch-ups on previous stories.

I look forward to the day I can spend more time on On The Outside, but at the moment I'm still carving out space for it where I can and I'm having to protect my energy somewhat (if you notice what time you received this, you might question that last part 😅).

Keep an eye out for episode 4 in your podcast players very soon, and enjoy these stories until then!

- Fran


Keswick Mountain festival took place last weekend

Keswick Mountain Festival (not to be confused with Kendal Mountain Festival - yes I'm speaking from experience!) took place last weekend, with a mix of talks, sports, stall and music from the likes of Bad Manners. Frit spoke about his Glide For Pride at the Theatre By The Lake.


The first SUP circumnavigation of Britain is complete

Brendon Pearce has become the first person to circumnavigate Britain on a stand-up-paddleboard. The journey was over 2,500 mile, took 141 days and he did it to raise water safety awareness (a topic we covered in episode 1) by teaching it in schools.


Dartmoor could ban barbecues and restrict wild camping

After the increase in usage over 2020-2021, Dartmoor National Park is looking at changing the byelaws to help protect protect wildlife, habitats, cultural heritage, archaeology, and the livestock that graze the commons. Dartmoor’s director of conservation and communities Alison Kohler said: “Updating the byelaws is an important topic for everyone who cares about Dartmoor whether it is landowners, commoners, residents, businesses or visitors". Dartmoor currently has very few restrictions for wildcampers.


Eden is a Swim England ambassador!!!

She says "By teaming up together we hope to improve access to rivers, lakes and bodies of water that may not be currently accessible due to land rights, water quality and other factors."



And in other news:

  • Peaks of Colour is running a nature writing workshop in the Peak District for women of colour on 26th September. Find out more >>

  • We wrote about Black Trail Runner's Ramsey Round a few months back - there's now a short video about the challenge. Watch now >>

  • The Adventure Uncovered film festival is taking place in Brighton this Wednesday 22nd September. Buy tickets now >>

  • 12-year-old cyclist Xander Graham 'outpaced the pros' on Tour of Britain. Read more >>

  • Kwesia aka City Girl In Nature has launched her YouTube series Nature Vs The Endz, all about her quest of getting inner city people to engage with the natural world. Watch now >>

  • Wild For Scotland has launched its second series! WFS is part of our amazing support crew - and I am also the editor, so you can be assured of quality 😉 Listen now >>


Speaking of money: a special thank you goes to our Support Crew sponsors, Wild For Scotland and Charlie's Supply Company. Your early sponsorship has given us enough money to pay for the RSS Feed to launch the show!! Do click through the links to check out the incredible work they are doing.



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