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The biggest ever trespass in Kinder Reservoir, Kendal town takes Pride outdoors, and Welsh National

5th May 2023

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ANESU: Hello and welcome to On The Outside, the podcast sharing diverse views on what’s happening outdoors. This is an outdoor news roundup for 5th May, 2023.

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Hey everyone,

I’m Anesu and I’m the newest member of the OTO team. I’m so excited to make my first official appearance on the podcast with this minisode!

I really enjoyed compiling these news stories and doing a bit of research into all the amazing things happening in our outdoor community. Hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I did.


April 24th marked 91 years since the Kinder Scout Mass Trespass. Regular listener will remember that the 90th anniversary last year was marked with the Kinder In Colour event, and this year various different organisations and groups came together once again over the weekend to honour the trespass and continue to campaign for the right to roam in the UK.

Events included Hayfield Kinder Trespass Group with Spirit of Kinder holding a series of music, stalls, exhibitions and talks. Groups such as the Ramblers’ Association, the BMC, Outdoor Swimming Society, Right 2 Roam, Mosaic, Black Men Walking, Queer Out Here and others were in attendance.

There were also around 1,000 swimmers at Kinder Reservoir marking the biggest trespass of the water to date for the right to swim in open water.

Today in England, 92% of land and 97% of rivers are inaccessible to the public. Our very own Ani Barber has been part of the ramblersGB petition to the government to expand the countryside rights of way act.


There’s been a few different stories lately in [my personal stomping ground - if you’re happy to say something like that] the Lake District…

The town of Kendal has announced its first official Pride Celebration, which is set to take place from the 21st - 23rd July. The festival aims to increase visibility of the LGBTQIA+ community in Kendal and the south lakes area, and support people to make meaningful connections and introduce them to the outdoors.

Kendal Pride describes itself as ‘Pride done differently’ and there’s set to be plenty of opportunity to explore the outdoors with walks, trail runs, climbs and swims. You can get creative with a range of environmentally sound activities. And for the film buffs out there there’s also a whole host of LGBTQIA+ outdoor-themed films.

Meanwhile over in Windermere, we also have Matt Staniek (Stan-nick), a local zoologist, campaigning to Save Windermere and put a stop to sewage being released into the lake. High nutrient levels from sewage are destroying England’s largest lake,

Over 150,000 have signed the petition demanding an end to both treated and untreated sewage discharges into the Windermere. The campaign has gained support from MPs and a range of environmental organisations.


The Brecon Beacons National Park in the South of Wales will now be known by its Welsh language name only - Bannau Brycheiniog National Park or 'the Bannau' for short. This follows on from the news last November that the National Park previously known as Snowdonia is now officially Eryri (Air-RUR-ree) National Park.

We've borrowed some audio from the Humans of the Trail podcast to help with the Welsh pronuciations, this is Ollie Wisk of Ramblers Cymru (Cum-Rhi)

Thank you Ollie and the host of Humans of the Trail, Matthew for letting us use that audio"

The change was done to reflect its commitment to Welsh culture, language and heritage and in direct response to the planet's ongoing climate and ecological crisis. In a film launching the re-brand, Welsh actor Michael Sheen called it “An old name for a new future”.'s%20much%2Dloved,eye%20Bruck%2Dein%2Diog.


Following on from last month’s news story about Scottish Ramblers, Amar Latif is the New president of Ramblers GB. Amar Latif, known as the Blind Adventurer, has said that “Being appointed president of the Ramblers is a huge honour.” and wants to help inspire people, irrespective of their background or ability, to embrace the endless natural beauty of our country and improve their health and wellbeing.


In some international news of significance, Kae Ravichandran won the nonbinary division of the 2023 Boston Marathon, running a time of 2:38:57 to beat the field by over 10 minutes.

This was the first year in history that Boston Marathon had a nonbinary division, providing transgender and non-binary runners the ability to officially register in a division that matches their gender identity.

There were a total of 27 athletes competing in the newly-created division.


Lake District walkers take a ‘trip’ Over in the lake district, The Keswick Mountain Rescue team were called to intervene after passers-by raised concerns about a group of young men who had taken some magic mushrooms and were feeling unwell.


The Depot Sheffield climbing centre has been hosting junior climbing sessions for deaf children from the ages 6-14. The one-hour sessions acted as an introduction to indoor bouldering for children who use British Sign Language (BSL) and include games and challenges. The BSL interpreter is fully incorporated into the session included in the price, to engage every participant.


And lastly, a reminder that UKs first queer climbing festival, Climb Out, is happening this month from the 19th - 21st May at Thornbridgee activity centre. If you are due to attend the festival, feel free to let us know by emailing or getting in touch on social media @onthoutsidepod - we’d love to gather some thoughts from people who attend about what the festival is like.


That is all for today. If you'd like to find the links to any of today's stories, do sign up to our newsletter by heading to


This episode of On The Outside was written and hosted by me, Anesu Matanda Mambingo. I am also the social media assistant.

Francesca Turauskis is the Producer

On The Outside artwork is created by Sophie Nolan.

Music is Bass Beats by Alex Norton.

And YOU have been our listener. Thank you very much for listening.

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