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Episode 4, the first Outsiders Summit and #DivestTheDirt

30th September 2021

🥳 Episode 4 of On The Outside 🥳

Some behind-the-scenes gossip on this episode - we recorded on TWO separate days, with 2 extra pick-ups! See if you can tell the difference...

Ani Patas, Vedangi Kulkani and Oge Ejizu are on this panel, with some small differences on opinion on some subjects... (don't worry, no real dramas!)

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You can find the transcript and full show notes - including links to all the articles mentioned in the episode - on the website.

- Fran


And in other news...

These are the stories we didn't quite have time to discuss in this episode

  • The first ever Outsiders Summit. Phil Young and Soraya Abdel-Hadi brought together leaders passionate about improving access and representation of people of colour in outdoor activities in the UK. Read more >>

  • Protect Our Winters have launched a campaign to ask local councils to #DivestTheDirt and move their pensions from fossil fuels by 2026.It's great to have something tangible we can do that isn't just focused on personal responsibility, and I relly think everyone should check it out. (Consider this a second call to action!) Watch the video >>

  • A pair of cyclists have spelt the words 'refugees welcome' across the South of England using GPS. Read more >>

  • Extreme adventurer Ant Middleton has gone viral in a Twitter post that compared him to Rocky Gervais' character in The Office. Read more >>

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