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It's time for the outdoor sector to talk about money...

Updated: Feb 21

Today’s episode is one that we’ve been talking about off microphone since before the podcast began - money.

We’ve spoken about it off microphone, and I know that there are individuals and groups having these conversations on a case-by-case level. But we decided not to have the conversation on microphone because this show is meant to be talking about the news - admittedly in a fairly broad sense - but still, we didn’t want On The Outside to be outing individual experiences with payment.

But then in August, something happened that we thought would be a good way to bring the conversation onto the show. Matt Barr, who’s the host of the Looking Sideways podcast - posted an open thread with this question:

Open Thread: is it ever OK for brands not to pay creatives or contributors fairly for their time and expertise?

Ideally, this episode would have been a discussion with a few more people reacting to each other’s answers. But due to various different circumstances, even getting myself and Matt on a recording together was tricky.

Matt and Soraya did have a conversation for Matt’s own podcast, and they spoke a bit about their thoughts on the subject. But I did want to speak to Matt to ask him more about the catalyst for posting that thread, and to pick apart the question itself a bit more.

And then after my conversation with Matt, you’ll hear some of the Looking Sideways podcast and then several talking heads as a bit of a continuation of the open thread.

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CREDITS for the episode:

Produced, hosted and edited by Francesca Turauskis

Artwork by Sophie Nolan

Music is Bassbeat by Alex Norton

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