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One Year Retrospective

Happy Birthday On The Outside! We launched the show a whole year ago, so this short episode asks four questions:What have you most enjoyed?Has the outdoor space changed in the past year? What is the most pressing issue in the outdoor community?What would you like to see us do on the podcast?

Answers from Oge, Ani and Fran.


Fran: Tell us what you thought of this episode! You can email you can send a DM on Instagram or Twitter @OnTheOutsidePod, and you can now also send a voicenote or message via Whatsapp that number is 07883905336.


You can join the crew on Patreon to support the show financially. Current money from Patreon is offered to the panellists for their time and expertise. Sign up to the newsletter to keep up to date with outdoors news between episodes.

CREDITS for the episode:

Guests were Ani Patas and Oge Ejizu

Produced, hosted and edited by Francesca Turauskis

Artwork by Sophie Nolan

Music is Bassbeat by Alex Norton

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