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Paralympic swimmer withdrawing from Tokyo Games, an interview with Mawem Brothers and Norway’s beach

24th July 2021

Welcome to On The Outside Insights, our round-up of what's been going on outdoors in the UK.

With the triple-effect of summer holidays starting, a wave of hot weather and COVID restrictions lessening, people have been enjoying the outdoors en mass. What’s more, the Olympic Games have kicked off, and we’re super excited to follow the progress of Team GB athletes! We’ve got three major stories for you today! So without further ado…..

Paralympic Swimmer: I don’t want to pull out of Tokyo Games, but I’ve been given no choice

The USOPC informed athletes that there will be a single PCA on staff available to assist when needed. That means, they won’t be allowed to bring their individual assistants to the Games. But this PCA is also responsible for 33 other members of Paralympic swim team. Out of the eight visually impaired athletes competing on the swim team alone, there hasn’t been a single staff member specifically certified to work with visually impaired athletes. Becca Meyers, a deaf-blind Olympic swimmer representing the US explains how and why this is a problem.


Meet Mawem Brothers- the only black climbing athletes at the Olympics

Read the incredibly inspiring and empowering story of Mawem brothers through this interview with UKC. Truly goosebump-worthy story!


Norway's beach handball team fined £1,300 for wearing shorts not bikini bottoms

1921 or 2021? What century are we in again? And why the hell are men still dictating what women can and cannot wear? Read more about Norway’s beach handball team being fined during a European Championship game against Spain in Bulgaria when they refused to wear the “uniform” of the sports AKA bikini bottoms.


And in other news:

  • One of our incredible panelists, Frit Tam, has finished his rollerblading and cycling adventure across England. Read more about him here >>

  • Megan Hine, a survival expert, expedition leader and producer addresses her journey with body image in this post. Definitely worth a read! Adventurer Jenny Tough and Endurance Cyclist Emily Chappell have spoken out on this topic as well.

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