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Purple Day special: Adventurers Talk Epilepsy w/ Seize Your Adventure

This is a special episode looking at one particular news item. The 26th of March is Purple Day, the International Day of Epilepsy Awareness. It's the one day a year dedicated to raising money and awareness to support everyone who is living with the effects of epilepsy. Right now, people around the globe are cycling, walking, swimming, running and more to raise money to support people living with epilepsy. And if you are one of them, thank you so much.

But one of my biggest passions is advocating for the fact that - people with epilepsy can do these things too. Today's episode is a crossover with another podcast in the Tremula Network. Seize Your Adventure is a podcast sharing stories of advneture and outdoor living with epilepsy. This episode flips the microphone, and Fran

talks to three people who work within the adventure field to find out what they know about epilepsy, what they don’t, and how we can get more people with epilepsy in adventure.

We mention:

  1. These three adventure professionals’ first aid and epilepsy experience

  2. How they handle risk assessments

  3. The different types of seizure

  4. Basic epilepsy first aid

  5. How to encourage people with epilepsy to take part in adventure

  6. What adventure means to them

  7. Where to go to learn more about epilepsy


Jago Hartland (Outdoor Pursuits Guide)

Find out more about Jago:

David Willis (Bushcraft Instructor)

Find out more about David:

Nicki Bass (Resilience Consultant)

Find out more about Nicki:



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