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Ramadan, another new Countryside Code, and the Kinder Scout trespass anniversary.

4th April 2022

Hi everyone, It's been a busy month behind the scenes, as On The Outside is now part of the Tremula Network. I've grouped together a number of podcasts that I work on, which are all taking a fresh look at adventure and the outdoors. You can learn about the other shows, find out how to work with us and discover why I chose the name 'Tremula' on the website There's also so exciting things from general outdoors news (although April Fool's Day has made the job of fact-checking harder...) So let's crack straight on! - Fran

🎧 In case you missed it:

On The Outside now has minisodes! In these short outdoor news round-up, I'll take you through some news stories from the outdoors world. The first one "From legal rights to nature, to outdoor weddings" went out on 17th March, and covers a number of things not in this newsletter (you can find links to articles in the shownotes). Let me know what you think - would you like more of these types of minisodes?


The first collaboration as part of the Network was the crossover episode I ran for Purple Day, an international day of epilepsy awareness. This is an episode from my OG podcast, Seize Your Adventure, where I ask activity providers what they know about the condition.


Vedangi is one of the writers of an article for the latest Edition of Adventure Uncovered, about menstruation, period experiences and advice.


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High numbers of grass fires in Wales countryside are stretching fire service

A number of uncontrolled grass fires in Wales over the past few weeks have caused damage, and are stretching fires services to their limit. A large grassfire near Bridgend yesterday caused damage to an area equal to about 25 football pitches after burning through the night. March is traditionally 'burn season' in Wales, and some fires are deliberate set by land owners as land management, but the unusually warm weather in March meant several fires got out of control.

Read more

Calls for more inclusive sports and events as Ramadan begins

The holy month of Ramadan began on Saturday 2nd April. For Muslims across the globe, the 30 days until 1st May are a sacred time for worshipping Allah, involving fasting and prayer. Here are a few articles and stories I wanted to share: - It's been highlighted that many high-profile running races often take place during Ramadan

- the Manchester Marathon, Great Birmingham Run, and next year the London Marathon to name a few. People are calling for event organisers to work more closely with communities to change this for future events. Read more >> - Haroon Mota spoke to GQ last year about exercising safely whilst fasting. Read now >> - Fasted 500 is an independent spin-off of the cycling race Rapha Festive 500, with the aim of encouraging more Muslims to keep active during Ramadan (and hopefully continue the habit afterwards!). Read more >> - The Wanderlust Women are running a Ramadan hiking event on 10th April, open to all. Read more >>

Find out more about Ramadan

Natural England and Muslim Hikers launch their countryside code campaign...

"Our faith teaches us values of respect, kindness and cleanliness, and it's paramount that we observe these teachings when we're visiting the outdoors." Muslim Hikers have partnered with Natural England to communicate the countryside code which very much echoes the fundamental values of their faith. The Countryside Code now covers all green spaces, waterways, the coast and parks in urban areas. (NB. This is separate to the reimagined countryside code I mentioned in the minisode)

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National Parks launch a photography competition

If you are an amateur photographer or a seasoned pro, the National Parks wants you to enter their photo competition. The theme this year is #LoveYourNationalParks. To enter, imply upload a photo to your Instagram and tag @nationalparksuk along with the hashtags #NationalParkUKPics and #LoveYourNationalParks. The last day to enter is July 1st.

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Right To Roam announce Kinder In Colour for the 90th anniversary of the Kinder Scout tresspass

24th April marks 90 years since the Kinder Scout mass trespass. Right To Roam is marking it by gathering together Black and People of Colour (BPOC) communities from around England in a joyful march of song and ceremony to take up space, be seen and forge a vision the New English countryside, based not on exclusion, but inclusion.

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And in other news:

  • GB Climber Shauna Coxsey has been addressing the criticism she's received for climbing whilst pregnant. Read now >>

  • For the cyclists among you, check out this new newsletter from Mildred Locke - it'll be my new go-to for learning about cycling news (and is where I learned about Fasted 500!) Read now >>

  • Love Her Wild grants for women in the outdoors are open! Each year, Love Her Wild support women with direct funding and gear to make getting outdoors easier. Read more and apply >>

  • The Cycling Podcast announced last week that one of the founding hosts, Richard Moore, passed away unexpectedly. Read more >>

  • @cycling_shu shared the truth of being a Muslim cyclist and highlighted the Islamophobia that lead to her leaving a cycling group. Read more >>

  • The Joy of SUP podcast host Jo Mosely has written a book, Stand-up Paddleboarding in Great Britain. It's available to pre-order now. Read more >>

  • And lastly, April 14th is going to be the first ever National Laverbread Day! And for those asking, this is all about celebrating seaweed – specifically laver. This seaweed that is common on the UK’s coastlines and is cooked up to make the Welsh delicacy, laverbread (a glutinous, dark green gloop - it's really quite yummy). Read more >>

International news:

These are a few stories of international importance.

  • The eighth annual European Outdoor Summit (EOS) will be take place 6th – 7th October 2022. The overall content of the summit will be developed under the heading ‘Finding Balance and Success Within Disorder’.Read more >>

  • Iceland has cancelled all new permits for commercial whaling. That means, when current quotas expire in 2023, Icelandic whaling will be officially gone for good.Read more >>

That's all for today folks! Do you have some outdoors news? Reply to this email to let us know about it!

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