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Shextreme, a polar expedition launch, a must-read article on safeguarding and much more...

24th October 2021

As the weather cools down, events seem to be heating up! Film festivals are taking place, and the schedule for Kendal Mountain Festival is coming together. A number of our panel have events on there, so stay tuned for a list of those in a future newsletter.

For now, here are just some of the news stories that have caught our eye recently!

- Fran


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The Shextreme Film Festival took place in Bristol last night

The Shextreme Film Festival showcases the best of women-led film, books, poetry and podcasts in the adventure sphere. A few of us have some success to celebrate! Frit tam's films Brave Enough and The Wanderlust Women were featured, Soraya was one of the panellists talking about the importance of community, alongside Bex Band and Jo Mosely. There were three other podcasts that I do some work on that were shortlisted in the podcast category - my OG pod Seize Your Adventure, Wild For Scotland and Extraordinary Ordinary You - which is our Social Media Manager, Frankie's, pod and was the WINNER! Other winners were Bex Band with her new book Three Stripes South and Sarah-Jane Dobner's poetry collection A Feeling For Rock. Congrats to all, and do go and check out the rest of the awesome line-up and the other categories.


'Polar Preet' launches her Antarctica challenge

Preet Chandi, aka Polar Preet had the official launch of her solo Antarctica challenge last week. She is aiming to complete a solo, unsupported trek to the South Pole, travelling 700 miles, pulling a sledge with all of her kit, battling temperatures of -50c and wind speeds of up to 60mph. This journey will take approximately 45 days, and it will be her first expedition in Antarctica.


UKC article looks at the subject of safeguarding in climbing and the outdoors

This is a must-read article from Natalie Berry on the UKC website. Whilst is focuses on a recent high-profile conviction of a British climbing instructor for multiple sex offences involving a minor, the conversation around safeguarding in adventure and outdoor sports is essential.


The Brit Rock film tour has just premiered...

and Kirsty pointed out that it has four climbing films about white, able bodied men. My first impressions from the trailer and description? The Great Sheikhs concept makes me feel quite uncomfortable. It is a stark contrast to approach of the films at Shextreme - in particular, Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (if you're a girl).


The Woodland Trust has launched a campaign to buy more land in Scotland

In 2019 the Woodland Trust bought Ben Shieldaig in the West Highlands of Scotland into our care. Now they are trying to buy the neighbouring Couldoran Estate. It borders Ben Shieldaig to the south and west and lies in Scotland’s rainforest zone - a climate characterised by high rainfall, mild temperatures and clean air which covers less than 1% of the planet.



And in other news:

  • Patagonia has released a new climbing film They/Them, which focuses on Lor Sabourin, a trans climber in America. We'll be talking much more about that in the next episode, so if you want to see what we're talking about go and watch the trailer >>

  • Nominations are open for The Great Outdoors Awards 2021! Read more >>


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