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Support for outdoor teaching, community groups on the telly and some listening for your weekend

Updated: Feb 21

22nd October 2022

Hi folks, And welcome to our new subscribers! This newsletter is pretty full, and so I'm going to let you crack straight on with this one. I hope you find value in the stories I share! - Fran



In case you missed it:

Episode 18 is LIVE! And this is about something that we’ve been talking about off microphone since before the podcast began - money. In July, something happened that we thought would be a good way to bring the topic of money onto the show. Matt Barr, who’s the host of the Looking Sideways podcast - posted an open thread with this question: Open Thread: is it ever OK for brands not to pay creatives or contributors fairly for their time and expertise? I speak to Matt to ask him more about the catalyst for posting that thread, and to pick apart the question itself. After my conversation with Matt, you’ll hear Matt and Soraya on some of the Looking Sideways podcast, and then several talking heads continue the open thread. The episode has been described as "a thoughtful exploration" Listen now >>

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British Cycling received backlash against its controversial new partner

British Cycling is facing a backlash from environmental groups and its members after announcing a major new partnership with the oil giant Shell. Whilst British Cycling claimed it would “help our organisation and sport take important steps towards net zero”, many have pointed out the irony of a fossil fuel company partnering with a form of transport often chosen by the carbon-conscious. After sending an open letter, Protect Our Winters have confirmed they will be meeting with British Cycling to discuss. Read more >>

Charity offers free course to help Shropshire teachers get outside

The Field Studies Council is looking to recruit 30 primary school teachers for a free pilot project aimed at sharing the benefits of learning outside the classroom. FSC chief executive Mark Castle said “The Primary Outdoor Learning Programme is designed to recruit primary school teachers who are keen on engaging with outdoor learning but may lack confidence, skills or opportunities to include this in their teaching... This pilot project is initially aimed at teachers across Shropshire and the West Midlands region. If your school is not already a Field Studies Council customer, and you will commit to completing this free programme, we would love to hear from you."


Running, paddling and more, as community leaders feature on national television

A number of outdoors groups and community leaders are making waves on national telly. Keri Williams from Girls On Hills (who was Episode 12 and Episode 13 of On The Outside) was on the BBC's Adventure Show, and Adya Misra from POC Paddle was on Sky Sports Aquaphobia series. Keep your eyes peeled for Summit Special, who apparently will be on a popular channel 5 programme soon...

The Colour of Transformation documentary showcases conversations with outdoors and conservation founders

Black History Month marks the inaugural screening of The Colour of Transformation an outdoors film projection of documentary and dance that explores what it mean to be human in the midst of an ecological crisis. Inspired by the metaphor of butterfly metamorphosis, the film features conversations with the founders of Black Girls Hike, All The Elements (a.k.a. our own Soraya), the Jadeite Project, the Kinder in Colour protest and TV presenter Chantelle Lindsay, Natural History Museum curator Miranda Lowe CBE and author Jini Reddy. As well as interviews, the artist’s film and documentary have been created with an award-winning team of creatives, with an original music score by Orphy Robinson MBE featuring the sublime vocals of Bumi Thomas. This runs until the end of the month.

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Read the first issue of Queer Runnings, OUT NOW!

The Queer Runnings magazine is a community publication showcasing why we run. In an attempt to share this queer running joy even further, Founder Toby approached the club with the idea of starting a magazine dedicated to LGBTQIA+ runners. The first edition shares the theme ‘beginnings’. Queer Runners submitted a range of work inspired by this theme, from stories to poems and illustrations.

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Famous people are enjoying the UK outdoors... (with the correct link!)

Apparently I sent the last email in far too much of a rush - sorry to those who clicked the wrong link! Here's Tom Cruise was seen filming in the Lake District >> And here's Tom Hardy was found at an outdoor festival in West Sussex >>


And in other news:

  • Slow Ways is hosting a get-together and celebratory dinner on Saturday 12th November in Leicester. The event is free and will celebrate how far the network has come this year. They are also inviting people to see how many of the city-region’s Slow Ways can be walked, reviewed and verified in one go! Read more >>

  • Sheffield Botantical Gardens Trust is looking for education providers, specialists, creatives, and other professionals to provide courses, workshops, and sessions as part of the creation and delivery of the Education Programme at Sheffield Botanical Gardens. Read more >>

  • Patagonia Bristol is running an Activist Film Night in November. They've chosen a selection of short films to show on the night with speakers, producers and storytellers sharing their creative process. Read more >>

  • Huck magazine has written an article about "The hikers inspiring a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts". Read now >>

  • Paths For All in Scotland are looking for a Communications and Marketing Development Officer. Closes 7th November. Read more >>

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International news:

These are a few stories of international importance.

  • An Iranian climber who competed without her hijab is reportedly under house arrest in Iran. Elnaz Rekabi recently competed in South Korea not wearing a headscarf, and there are reports she has been pressured into a ‘forced confession’. It comes during massive unrest in the country after suspicious deaths of several women's rights activists. Read more >>

We are on Patreon!

We are still seeking sponsorship from brands to make this show ongoing and strong. But if you find value in the work we have done and want to support us at the start, head over to to learn more. Where does the money go? Current Patreon funds are offered to the panellists for their time, or donated to their charity of choice. Fran is currently self-funding production costs, including editing, and transcript costs. (Fran also does production, socials and these email, and refers to herself in third person...) I also said in Episode 18 that I would share a breakdown of the costs that go into making an episode of OTO: Money: RSS hosting - $12/month Web domain - £122/year Remote recording software - $10/month Cloud storage - £2.49/month Human transcript - £30 each Time: Producing - 2 days (£200/day is the average rate for non-branded content) Editing - 1 day (£160/day when outsourced) Newsletter - 2 hours Social media - 2 hours

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