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Topless climbers, anti-LGBTQ+ proposition from members for National Trust AGM, and MONEY

23rd September 2022

Hi folks, It's time for that (now, apparently, quarterly) email! I had a few moments spare before I head off to The Outdoor Connection Festival this afternoon, so thought I'd - very quickly - re-connect with all of you. Below are a few things we've been up to, a few things you can help with for future episodes, and a few bits of news that caught my eye... - Fran

In case you missed it:

I've not been writing, but episodes have been going out! If you've missed them, we've been celebrating one year of the podcast, and talking about whether topless climbing should be banned. What are your thoughts on the topic? Reply to this email to let me know!

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We've been nominated for an International Women's Podcast Award! I'll be at the award show next week, so keep your fingers crossed for me... Read >>

Soraya was on a recent episode of the Looking Sideways podcast. She says "I really like Matt’s interviewing style, which is talking to a friend, so even if you don’t want to listen to me ( hurt to my core) I’d recommend both the Looking Sideways podcast (action sports) and Type Two (outdoor activists)." Listen >>

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The National Trust AGM takes place in November, and hateful resolutions have been suggested by some members

One that's been brought to my attention by Anita Kerwin-Wye on Twitter. the National Trust's AGM takes place on 5th November and more than 50 people have put their names to a resolution that states: “Be it resolved that this AGM deplores participation by the National Trust in gay pride parades as divisive and an unaccountable waste of members’ subscriptions.” Despite the organisation having almost six million members, resolutions for its AGM can be put forward with the support of just 50 members. The National Trust replied to me on Twitter to say "Hello Francesca, the AGM and resolutions process is a critical part of our governance and importantly, it allows our members to vote on issues that matter to them. This resolution doesn’t align with our values and it runs counter to our ethos…We urge our members to vote against this resolution. We fully support our staff, volunteers and visitors being able to take part in celebrations of LGBTQ+ society and history, including Pride." The Trust’s mission statement affirms it's “for everyone, for ever” - but if you've listened to our trailer, as Eden says "if you're only going to say everyone is welcome, some people won't feel welcome." By allowing a vocal minority of 50 people to bring this resolution to the table, the hateful rhetoric has made it's way into media.

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But in GOOD National Trust news...

I spoke to Sean Douglas for my day job with Pod Bible. This was the first time I've actually done an interview for the Pod Bible Podcast and I was stoked that it was Sean I convinced to speak to me. We talked a bit about access to the outdoors, and his experience getting into producing the show, plus spending time in the countryside having grown up in London.

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Famous people are enjoying the UK outdoors...

Tom Cruise was seen filming in the Lake District, whilst Tom Hardy was found at an outdoor festival in West Sussex. Which is nice. Read more >>

International news:

These are a few stories of international importance.

Patagonia have been shaking up the system again, and announced that future profits will be for the planet. Whilst this is definitely a better use of profits, Mikaela Loach has talked about how such philanthropy isn't necessarily as good as it seems... Read more >>

I want YOUR views!

I'm recording the next episode of the podcast next week and we're talking MONEY. I want to hear your responses to the question: "is it ever OK for brands not to pay creatives or contributors fairly for their time and expertise?" Please either: Send a video or voice recording to me via email Reply to this email and I will read your thoughts out Drop me a voice message on Whatsapp +447883905336 And I'll include as many thoughts as I can. - Fran

That's all for today folks! Do you have some outdoors news? You can reply to this email to let us know about it!

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Current Patreon funds are offered to the panellists for their time, or donated to their charity of choice. Fran is currently self-funding production costs, including editing, and transcript costs. (Fran also does production, socials and these email, and refers to herself in third person...)

Thank you x

Thank you for reading!

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