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TRANSCRIPT: On The Outside podcast Trailer

Updated: Feb 21

[MUSIC starts - Bassbeat by Alex Norton: "Funky and upbeat, jangling guitars, a fat bassline and a full horn section create the perfect soundtrack to a late summer block party."]

FRAN: We need to talk about the outdoors

SORAYA: It tends to be the experts in particular sports who hold these conversations

FRAN: Not just the epic stories, but the important news, the big events and the social issues that permeate the whole of the outdoors.

SORAYA: There just isn't a podcast out there that is covering outdoors news

FRAN: Welcome to On The Outside

KIRSTY: It's a new style of podcast

FRAN: On The Outside is for anyone that spends their time outdoors in the UK and wants to engage in the wider outdoor community.

VENDANGI: What we're trying to do is to widen the horizons of people and brands

FRAN: Each episode you’ll hear a diverse panel of enthusiasts and experts

ANI: Everything from LGBTQ+ to different races, ethnicities, abilities and access

VEDANGI: It's the kind of people I want to see more in the industry

FRIT: And I really respect and value their opinions

FRAN: As they discuss the news stories that matter to them

VEDANGI: The perception of the athletic body image and how that looks, there is a thin body type associated with it

EDEN: And I think especially trans woman and men can feel particularly uncomfortable swimming early in transition. So it's just hopefully going to be a great way to get those people active

OGE: The BMC initiative that is looking to get different people's perspective and views on a survey

FRAN: We'll look at everything from specific sports news

KIRSTY: UKC did an article which spoke a lot about how climbing and disordered eating is fairly interlinked

FRAN: To the social issues that shape the way we experience the outdoors

OGE: With the anniversary of George Floyd, what has been the impact of that a year on?

EDEN: If they're only going to say "everyone's welcome here"-- some people won't feel welcome.

FRIT: If we put it in a really crass way, it's going to make these outdoors companies more money

FRAN: All in a jargon and judgement free way!

NEIL: It's okay to get it wrong. We're all going to learn together. And that's what's really, really important is the learning together, without fear

FRAN: Our first episode is out on the 30th July. So if you want to talk about what's happening outside, tap the follow button in your favourite podcast app.

(MUSIC ends with a few handclaps)

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