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UCI Cycling World Champs 2023 - access, inclusion, action and more!

Updated: Sep 7

We are back with an exciting panel discussion, and Fran is learning all about the Cycling World Championships that took place in Scotland in August.

You'd be forgiven for almost missing this event (and we talk about why that might be the case) but I am joined by a panel of guests including Neil Russell, the managing director of the Adaptive Riders Collective, Vedangi Kulkarni, an endurance cyclist and adventurer, and Aoife Glass, a mountain bike journalist and host of the Spindrift podcast.

They help me learn more about the event, and we discuss many aspects such as the accessibility considerations, the integration of para-events, the chaos of a 'Madison relay race' and road closures.

We also touch on the issues with visas for some athletes and the UCI's policy change on the participation of transgender athletes.

This is a jam-packed episode, with chat on both cycling and the social and political issues surrounding such big events.

Vedangi Kulkarni is on Instagram @wheelsandwords and find her portfolio here >>

Aoife Glass is on Instagram @aoife_glass and listen to Spindrift here >>

Neil Russel is on Instagram @handcycle_adventures and find links to the film and fundraising, and support ARC here >>

We want to hear from YOU 🫵

This episode was a whirlwind tour and we didn't have the time or expertise to go into some big aspects. But if you have opinions or views on anything we discussed, we'd love to hear from you!

You can send a DM on Instagram @OnTheOutsidePod, or get in touch via the contact tab.

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