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I like what you're doing

"I like what you're doing, with having a panel of people with different perspectives weigh in on the news items! Good format. And great perspectives — I felt like I learned all sorts of things."

- Willow Belden, Out There podcast

Insightful & Inspiring!


Came across On The Outside browsing for podcasts around climbing Ben Nevis and what a breath of fresh air this podcast is! Can’t wait to hear more!


Highly recommended


What a breath of fresh air, loved it.


This is what the outdoor world needs!


This is what the outdoor world needs right now! Bringing honest and diverse news and ideas from the world of adventure is so critical- many of my students I work with struggle to see themselves represented in outdoor media and communities and the hard work you are putting in will definitely help to challenge this! Keep up the brilliant work- I can highly recommend listening whilst out on a walk or whilst trying to hang the washing up at 1000mph so going out on a walk can be achieved quicker! A billion out of ten stars for the theme tune jingle too!!

My new favorite


Loving the topics discussed! This is quickly becoming my new favorite podcast and can’t wait for the next episode!

A New Perspective


Love the podcast. The topics are really interesting and after listening it’s really made me rethink my attitude on some things. Can’t wait to hear what’s next.

So good!


This podcast is excellent. Brilliant premise, stellar content, and an enjoyable host. 10/10.

Great idea


I just found out about this via Twitter and what a great idea! First episode was interesting, made me think about a few things… bring on more!



Truly a one of one podcast! Not many people out there addressing these topics so eloquently and with a great cast! Love the host, love the podcast, can’t wait for the next episode!



I don’t listen to that many podcasts, it’s hard to keep my attention for too long! However this is genuinely engaging and highly interesting! Very well produced and it will have you hooked!


Can't wait for the next one!!


There aren't many other podcasts out there discussing these topics with such eloquence- a one of one! Love the content, love the host, one of my favourite listens for sure!

Amazing show!

I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode and can't wait to hear more! The panellists all brought fantastic insights to the chosen topics and perspectives we don't hear from enough. Can't recommend it enough for anyone who considers themselves outdoorsy!

Loved listening

Loved listening to @OnTheOutsidePod⁩ on my commute this morning, a great first episode - can’t wait for the next!

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