Support Crew

Our Support Crew are the individuals and companies who support us via Patreon.

These folk are helping us create a space for judgement and jargon-free conversations about what's happening in the outdoors in the UK. 

wild for scotland podcast

Wild For Scotland

Wild for Scotland is an immersive storytelling podcast by Kathi Kamleitner. It gives Scotland-lovers around the world the opportunity to connect with Scotland through stories.



Charlie's is setting out to provide everything you need for adventure with eco friendly credentials. Eco Conscious - Supporting small (Curated by Not The Safe Route UK)


These Nominations are grassroots projects that have been nominated by individuals who support us on Patreon.

Glide For Pride

Glide For Pride

Frit Tam is rollerblading and cycling approximately 1500km from Newcastle to Brighton, sharing LGBTQIA+ stories all the way through history to the current day. 

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